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Odor Removal

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Professional Odor Removal Service in Las vegas

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Professional Carpet Odor Removal

Odors in your home are irritating and cause you not to enjoy your home the way you should. Whether the odors are from your pets, cooking, smoking, or some other odor causing element, we can help.

Carpet Cleaners Of Las Vegas technicians are certified to recognize, properly treat and to remove odors in carpets and in upholstery. Our odor removal solutions are specially formulated to be effective even against the toughest odors. Best of all, our equipment leads the industry, allowing you to rest assured that you are receiving the best odor removal service Houston has to offer.

Stop living in a home you aren’t proud of. Schedule an appointment with us and we will take care of odors for you.

Odors We Remove

  • Pet Odor

Our furry friends are awesome, but they don’t always smell that way. Let us remove your pet odor so you can get back loving your cat, or dog.


  • Mold & Mildew

Las Vegas Henderson Nevada’s humidity can increase the occurrence of mold and mildew in your home. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions allow us to break them up and remove them.


  • Smoke

Smoke residue sticks to carpet, upholstery and other porous materials. Deep steam cleaning breaks up and removes the residue, reducing the odor.


  • Cooking

Over time, cooking in your home results in oil buildup on your carpet, resulting in an odor. Our high temperatures allow us to clean and remove the oils from your carpet.

Remove Odors From Your Carpets Today

Don’t wait to get your carpets looking, feeling and smelling like new again. Get an instant quote and schedule your cleaning today.

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