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Grout Sealing

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Grout Sealing Service

We’re Las Vegas Henderson Nevada’s Grout Sealing Experts

Grout is a very porous material, meaning it will absorb stain causing liquids. Additionally, dirt and other debris can become impacted in its grains. Absorbing liquids can cause staining and can also promote the growth of mildew and mold. In extreme cases, moisture from the liquid can even start to lift your tile.

Grout sealing is an excellent way to prevent any of these unfortunate outcomes. When properly done, grout staining will make your grout easier to clean, prevent future stains and lock out moisture. Essentially, it protects the investment you made in your property.

We only use professional grade sealant, which is applied by our certified tile and grout cleaning professionals. If you want your grout sealed in your Las Vegas Henderson Nevada home, or business, give us a call.

Benefits of Grout Sealing

Easier to clean

Sealed grout doesn’t absorb stain-causing liquids and doesn’t allow dirt to attach itself to its grains. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier in the future.


Prevents grout stains

Most grout stains are caused by liquids such as coffee, wine, and juice. Grout sealing prevents these liquids from penetrating the surface, making them easier to wash away.


Keeps moisture out

Sealing the grout helps to keep moisture out of the grout and out from under the tile. This helps prevent mold and mildew and even helps to prevent the tiles from lifting over time.


Keep grout looking clean

When you grout is sealed it will help it to stay looking clean and new long after we are gone. It’s time to enjoy your home without worrying about staining your grout.

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