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If you have questions, we have answers. See below for some of Carpet Cleaners Of Las Vegas ’s most frequently asked questions… and their answers!

Our IICRC certified technicians use specially formulated, advanced cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art equipment when we come to clean the carpets in your home or business. Our methods ensure a complete and powerful deep cleaning through our hot water extraction technique. By following careful, step-by-step methods, we are able to penetrate all the way down through the carpet fibers, and reach the carpet backing to guarantee that we address all dirt, debris, and odors. We only use methods which are recommended by major carpet manufacturers to extend the life of your carpets, and to protect your warranty.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, and that a carpet cleaning can be disruptive to your home life, or your business. This is why we make efficiency a top priority. On average, a residence measuring 1200 sq. ft. can be thoroughly cleaned and approximately 1 to 2 hours. A 2000 sq. ft. commercial space will take about one hour.

There are a few factors which will affect our timing such as heavy soil, multiple spots which require pre-treatment, or moving heavy furniture. Our expert technicians will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the time the required to complete your cleaning upon inspection.

The hot water extraction method is effective at removing approximately 95% of the moisture from your carpet during the cleaning process. Typically, customers can expect a drying time of 6 to 8 hours ? although, please be advised that there are a few situations which may extend that time. Things such as outside weather, air circulation, temperature, and humidity can slow the natural drying process, and in some cases it may take 24 hours before carpets are completely dry.

While you are able to walk on your carpets immediately after a cleaning, they will still feel damp to the touch. Naturally, we recommend that you do not wear shoes on freshly cleaned carpets. Our technicians will place furniture protectors beneath couches, chairs, tables, etc. to prevent any staining that may occur from prolonged contact with moisture. It is recommended that these protectors be left in place for 48 hours.

Our technicians come equipped with specialty tools which allow them to reach under, and around large furniture. When appropriate, we will move furniture out of the way to ensure a complete deep clean. Unfortunately, very delicate furniture such as pianos, grandfather clocks, heavy electronics, aquariums, large mirrors, china cabinets, and certain beds cannot be moved due to the risk of unbalancing.

We offer special applications of carpet protector, which prevents liquid and oil stains from setting in so quickly. This carpet protector also doesn’t allow dirt and dust to become so deeply embedded in the carpet, meaning a your vacuuming will be much more effective.

We also recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year. This can help extend the life of your carpet by up to 50%.

Pet spots can penetrate all the way down past the carpet fibers, and into the backing and padding. When this happens, it can cause permanent damage if not treated in a timely manner. Pet stains and odors are some of the most difficult to get rid of, but our technicians arrive at your home or business prepared to provide deep cleaning and deodorizing. The hot water extraction method helps to neutralize unpleasant pet odors, and create a healthier indoor environment by decontaminating pet spots.

Certain substances can and do cause permanent carpet staining which even a thorough professional cleaning cannot fully remove. Upon our initial inspection, our technicians will attempt to determine which, if any stains in your carpet are permanent.

We can’t always tell you what you’re getting from other carpet cleaning companies, but we can tell you what you are getting from Carpet Cleaners Of Las Vegas. We never include any hidden fees, and our prices always include the following:

  • Pre-treatment of spots
  • Moving light furniture
  • 30 day customer satisfaction policy
  • Background checked, drug tested, IICRC certified cleaning technicians at every job

We stand behind our work 100%

We are not satisfied until you are. If for any reason the service you received through Carpet Cleaners Of Las Vegas does not meet your standards, please call us right away so we can come back and correct any issues. This may include spot cleaning specific areas, or even a complete re-cleaning. We will do whatever it takes to earn your trust and retain your business.

The carpet protector that we offer is safe for kids, pets, and those with sensitive respiratory systems. There is no odor, nor is there any sticky or oily feeling. When applied, our carpet protector will prevent liquid and oil stains from setting in so quickly, and it will also prevent dirt and soil from getting ground down into the fibers of your carpet. In other words, blotting up stains will become much easier, and standard vacuuming will be much more effective.


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